About farms distribution..

Respected sir, It's not about me but about my aunt.She is widower and lives with her children in a village named manpur dist. yavatmal. It's all case about farms distribution among family members.All property was distributed among four brothers by their father and their grandfather gave some additional acre of farm to my uncle when he was alive. After he died, all of them got separated with distributed property. One of his brother sold their farm for job recruitment. After 3-4 years later, a few acres of my aunt's farm is announced under cannel. After that all brothers were fighting with my aunt to distribute half of their property with that brother who sold his farm for job recruitment to get benefits of cannel.They even trying to abuse and fighting with them.Now, it's been 5-6 years that case is in civil and session court of yavatmal. So,please sir suggest us the best way of handling this case as soon as possible . It's really hard for them to live their and also has money problem .Waiting for your answer.