Fraud by Promoter

Sir, My name is Tarun Kanti Das, from Kolkata. I am a state Government Employee. In 2012 August, I met a promoter through one of my known person. The promoter had a land of 10 khatta and planning to build a Flat. See the copy of the Land Papers and having a good faith upon them, I made an agreement with the promoter and booked a flat. The Agreement was done on stamp paper and the later the Promoter signed with one Notary Officer. In that agreement it was decided that the promoter will give me flat @ Rs. 2000/sq feet. It was mention that he will deliver the flat within two years w.e.f. starting their construction. But in that agreement it was also mention that if the construction could not be completed due to some problem i.e. Labour Problem, Non supplying of Materiel and Nature problem (Flood, Earthqueck) etc, the promoter would not be liable for the delay. Now, they started their work in May 2015. But in 2016 the work stopped completely. I told the promoter to confirm the date of handover my flat otherwise I will go to Consumers Protection Authority. He asked for more money although I have paid a lot of money to him i.e. more that 30% of the total cost. He also said that It will be wise to not to go to the Consumers Protection Authority, otherwise I will be sorry.