How can I give her divorce?

I am Rahul and a married man also. I got married since 2013 almost 2.5 year back. And I have a son only 1.6 year old. My problem is, my wife is leaving with her family last 1.3 years and does not want to come back at my home. Her condition is, I will be leaving with her in her house with her family and force me to leave my family. But I am not agree with her. Me and My family tried many times to bring her back, but she is not ready to come back. Now last 6 months we are not even in connect via phone as well. And still she has the same condition. I had conversation on phone with her and her family, they all misbehave with me and my family members. I have all phone recordings in which she is screaming on me. Now I came to know that she was not wanted to marry, her family forced her to marry. I have an album, even she was not happy on the marriage time. I have all records so I can put blame on her and her family. Now I want to give divorce her, So how can I give her divorce? First I don't want to give any alumini money but in case if I give, so how can I give a very small amount. Because she is demanding a big amount of money without even divorce. Can you suggest me.