Salary arrears

I am working in a Hyderabad construction company from November-2014 in Jharkhand at Jamtara district.In May-2015 management told me to go to the project in Ranchi district.At that time company has to pay March-15 and April-15 salaries.We have asked the pending salary and management told us that "U go there we will pay U".I have gone to Ranchi project on 2 nd of May-15, our MD came to that site in June-15 and tell us we will give U the salary arrears with in a month.On 16 th of June-2016 management told me that "We have no other project so better you look for another company".Then I have asked to settle my account including my arrears of Mar-15 and Apr-15.Then our MD told me that "We have done the previous project jointly with another company,that company has to give U those two month salaries.We don't know the other company,again I have asked the management of other company they have replied me that "Already we have paid those salaries".Our management paid me the salaries up to June-16 except Mar-15 and Apr-15 salaries.I have left the company on 5 th of July-16.Another four employees also facing the same problem.Now I am in Vijayawada.How we have to get our pending salary and where we have to complain? Give us a best sugestion to get our salaries "PLEASE".