Section 498A

Hi, My brother got married 4.5 years ago and post marriage within a week both of them left to US. Now both of them are getting divorced in US. She herself has filed for Divorce and my brother has greed for Divorce and the proceedings are on. I have a couple of queries now : 1) Once the divorce is granted and when she returns to India, can she file a case on our family under 498A ( remember - she has never stayed with our family in the last 4.5 years or in India) 2) Incase, as a precaution if we legally disown our brother, will still the 498a affects us. 3) Waht is the procedure for US Divorce order to get it legalized in India. 4) My brother is ready to pay her as per the final US Divorce proceedings related to Post divorce maintenance and any properties / investments owned by him in India, however will she still be able to claim the share in property in India (Remember - My brother doesnt have any movable / immovable property on his name in INDIA). 5) As a family members what is teh best option for us to come out of this situation.