Leave policy and termination for bonded employee

I have a bond agreement of 30 Lacs with my company for the training I have undergone through the company. I have given three undated signed cheques of 10 lacs each to the company. I have asked for leaves for 45 days for training conducted in other than company training institute, but they denied. I have 50+ Privileged Leaves in my hand. After long conversation for leave I have not joined the duties since 10 days and on leave without approval and doing my training, for that company has send the show cause notice and ask me to be present in enquiry meeting which is in between the training, failing of which may cause termination of service. But I am unable to attend the meeting and enquiry with management. Have they authority to terminate me from services and if so can they put those cheques in bank? In bond there is a clause that if i resign from the company I am liable to pay 30 Lacks but if they terminate me can they put cheques in bank and if they do so what will be my privileges according to labour law to fight back. Pls advise. Thanks