Villagers troubling to do boundary construction

Respected Sir, I have a land in Orissa, after my land one person house is lying. He has to cross my land to reach his house. His land was an agricultural land after building the house he has made it to construction land by giving bribe and fine. He was also capturing some part of land so I thought to make a boundary for my land. I have done remapping of my land according to the village tahsildar and aamin so that I can save my land and construct the boundary. This person has also signed to that remapping. Now he is forcing me to give 8 feet of the land for the road. When I denied, Then he has assembled the village people, bribed them and made the story as village god is lying after that person house so I must leave 8 feet for the path so the villagers can go to do puja. There are two ways to go to that very small temple, one is width side which will directly go to that place and one is length side. I am agreed to give little land from the width area as a road but they are forcing me give the land from the length area only so that my next land person will get the land. Now the problem is 4-5 villagers are troubling me, threatening me to beat and also not allowing to do any construction in my only land. Please advice what shall we do in this situation.