Newly Married Couple fighting with Each other

Dear Lawyers, My Muslim Brother-in-law married a Girl of his choice against his parents choice. He works in KSA. His plan was to take his wife along him after 6 - 8 months, during this period he wants his wife to serve / take care of his Father & Ill mother. After marriage the girl had expressed her will of not willing to stay with his parents, but could not convince him. The Boy left for KSA to work after 20 days of marriage. After another 10 days the Girl pretended to visit her cousin and flee to her's parents house and Informed that She will not return to the Boy's parents house. If the Boy want he can come and stay with her or take her abroad till than she will be at her's parents house. This is the issue between the Boy & the Girl. Now after 6 months. The Boy & his family request for mutual agreement, but the girl & her parents were not willing to continue the marriage and confirm that they will file a case against the Boy & his family and demands compensation, The Boy has not taken any Dowry nor his Parent had humiliated or harassed the girl. All the villagers & relative are surprised with this scenario. 1) What are the various cases can the Girl file against the Boy & his Parents (after 5 months)? 2) The Girl lives in a different City and the Boy's parent stay at another city. Where the girl will file the case? 3) As Muslim Girl what Indian Law will be applicable for the Compensation? 4) The Girl also claim that She will file a case of extra marital affair on the Boy? 5) She need Divorce but also demand Compensation? 6) The Boy is at Abroad, What & How the case will be effect his work life? 7) What if the girl file a False case on the Boy & his family? 8) If the Boy & his family prove innocent, what action can be taken against the Girl & her family? 9) Do the Boy need to visit India and be in India till the case closes? Hope to get your input. Thank you.