Treat by a wife torturing her husband to send him to jail

Dear Sir, 1.I am a retired senior citizen who is staying with his wife in his house in Vivekanand Path, Kanke Road, Ranchi-834008. 2.That my son Sandeep Kumar is staying with his wife Neha Kumar and two daughters, namely Nemisha and Nishika in A51 Apanjan Apartment, Dhalipara Mahishgote NewTown Kolkata – 700102. 3.That my son Sandeep Kumar is being mentally and emotionally tortured and phyisically assaulted ,greatly oppressed, beatten, humiliated, abused, threatened and tormented by his dangerous wife Neha Kumar. 4.She threatened her husband Sandeep Kumar that she will also go to Ranchi and will ruin our family and father's reputation by alleging false physical force and attempted rape charge on him. 5.That she has been beating and abusing Sandeep Kumar.That on 8.7.2016 in the evening she beat him again, tore his sando ganjee, slapped him multiple times, bruised his jaws by punching on it. She kept saying, that she will abuse and hit him till the time he does not get angry and hit her back. She kept hurling slangs and saying very lewd remarks to instigate him for hitting her. 6.Then she threatened her husband that she will call the police and get him booked in domestic violence case. Kindly advise us the steps we should take.