Request advise

I got married in Oct 2010 and after 2 years of marriage our relation started spoiling. Reason - my old love affair before marriage. I tried to control the things and move out of the city so she can have faith on me and returned after two years when my wife was about to deliver a child. I worked in Mumbai and stayed with Wife and Daughter before i got the opportunity to work abroad and I moved out of the country. i came back after 3 months as the job was not satisfactory. During all this time the communication between my wife and me came to nearly nil. Our daughter was growing well totally controlled by wife. She developed a very good attitude but was becoming robotic under the instructions of wife. i resisted it and I shouted on my daughter (03 yrs old) on why she feels afraid of people around. she can grow naturally i argued with my wife and told her not to interfere when i am talking to my daughter. the matter got over in few minutes and all became cool. On the second day of this incident I moved out to Haryana to bring back my mother. On the fourth day from the incident, i received an sms from my wife saying she had left my home for her mother's home with my daughter. I called her immediately and requested to return home and we can discuss and resolve once i return back. she did not listened and did not answer my 100 plus continuous calls and did not respond to the sms as well. I visited her mother and did not find her there else i would have talked to her there itself. I have texted her again to come back and kept doing same till I returned home with my mother. I searched the home and found that she had taken all her clothes and jewellery and daughter's too. I found a typed note addressed to the Incharge Police Station where she mentioned that she is leaving the home because i scolded my daughter on top of my voice and also threatened her not to interfere. She feel unsafe and insecure with me. Need to mention she had always given the home expense on the 1st date of every month and never given chance to ask for money. Her phone bills all paid by me all expense borne by me. She is working with a private company and I do not know where she is gone. My query is what course of action should take to get her back and resolve sitting together. Should i approach police and can file complaint against her of taking away the daughter.