Assault my mother

I and my sister appeal for my mother. The share of property has made our life miserable. My 4 brothers one demised and were given their share of property. My mother and father kept only one portion of the house which would later be named to 2nd brother. After death of father my 2nd brother and his wife particularly have mentally and physically abused my mother. They have also gone to extent of making khatha transfered in their names. The seriouness is so much that even a police complaint was filed against DIL and she gave in writing that she would be fine. In another circumstances DIL took unlawful advantage assaulted my mother aged 68 years had broken a finger and in order to save herself has filed a complaint of assault against my mother and 1st brother who lives aside who had no role and are on bail. An FIR is filed against DIL who is also on bail. How can we daughters give justice to my mother who has been physically assaulted by DIL. Can she live together in the same house being assualted Can my mother cancel the property share of 2nd brother who lives in the same house. 2nd brother is taking 6 houses rent of his share.