To understand my rights if i file for a divorce

I got married in November 2015 to a guy in Bangalore. I am from Delhi. Initial one month was ok but then things started turning sour. I came to realise that my husband drinks and smokes a lot. He went out at night twice or thrice. His business is also not doing well and when i used to ask him to take me somewhere, he used to make some excuse or the other. My in laws are greedy and want good gifts from my parents and my salary as well..Though they don't say it explicitly. My husband is in full control of my mother-in-law and she misguides him and tries to keep him away. She goes along anywhere we go. My husband also was rude and a little threatening like when we used to be alone. He threatened to break the relationship and once dragged me by hand in a shopping Mall. I came back to Delhi in March 2016 as I was mentally and emotionally very depressed. My sister in law lives in USA and instead of solving the issue , she called her brother there and they asked for divorce. My mother-in-law had all my jewelry. When elders intervened and we threatened them to go to court, they agreed to take me back. Though I've come back now but I am not happy here. My husband behaves as if I do not exist. He doesn't talk to me, doesn't take me anywhere and only interacts with his parents. His parents and sister also do not guide me him in the right direction to understand the responsibility of a husband. I do not want to live with such a husband and such a family. I wanted to understand how strong is my case if i file for a divorce and will i get any money from them. My parents are not very rich and they had spent their savings in organizing a decent marriage.