Specific performance

I am the seller. Power holder of my family Property. Unregistered sale agreement made with G in 2011. 3 months time fixed. Rental advance added with advance amount. No refund after 3 months. Agreement will become invalid after 3 months. But No response from G. After 6 months advance amount returned to G. But G cheated by giving Colour xerox of agreement. After 2 months only I found that. Consulting with my lawyer notice sent, informed about refund, breach of contract, original document asked. But G kept silent. After one year in 2013 G filed specific performance suit, mentioning ready & willing, balance amount after deducting rental advance + decoration expenses made by tenant. G also mentioned he is in possession since 2012. Already RCOP cases filed in 2009 for fair rent , 2011 for wilful default ,& 2013. Tenant is still contesting the cases. Rental arrears accumulated to Rs.14 lakhs. Sub-tenant also there. Sub says that he is giving rent to G. This is my problem in short. please guide me.