Dowry and domestic violence

My husband and his family have harrased me for money. Husband has often resorted to hitting. A huge amount of dowry was given at the time of marriage about 5 years back. They are in posswof my jewellery. My husband is producing supreme Court judgement preventing arrest under 498a. I however have recording of admission of my husband taking dowry and pictures of marriage in which dowry is being given to parents and family. Can the husband and parents be arrested in compliance with section 41 of crpc which says if there is proof then arrests can be made? Also i lost my father at a young age. My uncle has filed a complaint in punjab against my husband. But he has taken anticipatory bail order from bombay high court against arrest in punjab. However punjab police should come under the jurisdiction of punjab high court. Is the order valid? Further he has managed to get a typographical error in the aba order and the order states aba is valid for over a year. Is there anyway I get the order rectified?