Physical and mental harrasment

Hi im married for 7years my husband is schezophranic which was hidden frm me before marriage during my marriage he was unemployed bt his parents said he is wrkng from past 7yrs he is abusing me mentally n physically. He never allows me to talk to my family or go to my sisters house he always doudts n beats me saying i hav affair with every one whom ever i speak if i watch or singva romantic or love song he says im singing thinking of my brither in laws. till date he has never called me by my name he uses all filthy words. Due to all this i have got thyroid and every time i called to go for check up with gyno he use to say no but recently due to my mothers force he went for test and i came to know he is impotent which his family hideen me from the tablets he was taking googled n found itd fr schezophranic i hav not met his doc. From past two years now he has got scatica i have started feeling like a looser Im not able to handle anymore of there lies and the mental and physical torture i want to start my life fresh and stress free can you please guide me if i go for divorve will the court make them pay the expenses incurred for my wedding my mother gave them 1lakh cash and spent 8lahks for wedding he has alreadu pledged the gold chain worth 30 gms n finger ring worth 18gms and rest i have kept in locker and my mother has given him all housr hold things worth 2.5 lahks from door mat to grocceries for six months every thing she had given and i have all the bills till date. Can you please tell me whether if i divorce him giving all the proof will i get compensation and amount spent by mother during my wedding