I am pregnant with a guy who agreed to marry me after my divorce

I got married in September 2014. After1 months, we decided to have a divorce since i was staying in Singapore and he had to stay back in India.I had a friend in Singapore itself who is basically from bihar and he knew the plight of my marriage and he said that he will not only help me to get rid of the marriage but also will marry me after my divorce. He said that I will have support if he stays with me and I told my husband regarding him that I now have him in my life. He told me that since now we will be getting married there is no problem that we stay together in live in and he started having physical relationship with me. Not only that he sometimes forced me to have anal sex with him. We stayed togwther for 11 months.I was waiting for my one year separation to file a divorce but I did not get a chance to return to India soon. suddenly I got to know that I am pregnant. And I hadcomplications in aborting. He ran away with his parents. He even knew that I had this complication. Even his family knew this. Before coming back to India we agreed to just put an application for marriage for security which we can postpone later for our security. Now he completely said that he is not going to marry me and support me. He became out of contact. I have to keep the child and carry all by myself. I am in tremendous mental stress and I want him to get married to me as soon as I get divorced by the end of this year. So that my child will get the rightful father. Can someone please guide me what can i do ?