Servey dispute

Since 1954 my father is the owner of the is adjusters property in 2005 we were not in the village .at that time tenants in the neighbour land serveyed my land and took possition in my land previously patwary in my village exchanged the my servey no with the neibours servey no. we got the orders from the collector to make corrections in the records. and it is implemented . the tenants sold my land by introducing a person whose name not in the record. and made same deed and person's who bought the land they occupied my land and they are not allowing us to enter.I enquired in ulc office that my land 1 Acer land is in urban land ceiling. 4 Acer is free from tis ulc.ulc people did servey and they are showing my land is in the road. so govt took the land. but in the land accovasition office showing that others land land they took they have given schetch of lands that are in the land no not in the schetch. but at ulc office schetch showing my land is in the road .last year I applyied for land servey but they didnot servey.what shall I do how can I solve my problem. please help in this regard thank you