Service bond and termination of services

Sir, Last month i have joined in one organisation as Sr. Sales manager. While joining day i have asked to sign a service bond. It is typical one sided service bond.But i have no option to sign the same ,since i have resigned my earlier company.During interview or discussions they never mentioned @ service bond. When i questioned @ this they told me it general service bond [Non competency , secrecy of service etc.]. I was working for this company from my residence. Now. after @ 6 weeks they sent me termination mail -with immediate effect. In this mail they given very general reason -non performance. The appointment letter was saying that there is no compensation for termination from company side- for employee it is three months notice or salary. [typical appointment letter] So now it is clear that i will get only six weeks salary without any compensation. So sir, is there any legal way to get the compensation or challenge the termination in a court? Also, what will be validity of service bond after termination? still it will be valid? Or should i ask to abolish at the exit ? Thanks in advance for urgent guidance .