Out of court settlement

Sir, I have entered into MOU in high court with my husband.my petitioner is not paying the agreed amount in the given time period as per agreement.He is on A.bail.He is only getting the time extension from high court to submit the whole money but he is paying only in little pennies. According to MOU he had to give me the alimony money and some land to get divorce from me.it was agreed on limited time period. Now time has elapsed,but he is getting time from court to submit money which I don't want. My lawyer is not strong enough to oppose judge decision of allowing more time. I am having one daughter and one boy.I am residing as a renter. I want to ask that .... 1-is my agreement valied or not valied. 2-Am I bound to give divorce even if he had violated the agreement rules. 3-why the court is not cancelling his bail?I want to be at his home,and see him behind the bar.I know he will not treat me as a wife and will not give me whole money at a time. 4-Can I go to his home and resides there with my children.Now I am not interested in money but failing to do so because of fear of court.