Partition deed of agricultural land

My grandfather had three brothers & they have total 60 acre of agriculture land, The land was on the name of all the three brothers ,& by mutual consent they divided the land & are doing farming on it ,on their own share of land (please note that partition was not done & by mutual consent only they are doing farming). My Grandfather died last year . Now other 2 brothers want to partition the land since we are doing the farming on some of fields , which are near to highway & it is costly. Now they want to divide it (the land which is valuable , they want their share in the land which is near to highway) . Please note that they are doing farming more than 40 years with the same verbal consent & there is no document for the same . We do not want this partition to happen . They divided it on purely mutual consent. Is there any legal action which can be taken against them so that land can be transferred to our name without partition since we are doing farming on it more than 40 years.