Harrasment by bank collection recovery agenecy

Respected Sir/ Madam Some years ago i used to have a bank's credit card, which of course i used for some shopping. after some time i got engaged in a fatal accident, due to which i lost my job and in due course of time i could not find a fix salary job. So i started some commission based work, which some times accrued me some income, but most of the time i have not been able to meet my own requirements, it is only due to my wife's earnings due to which our small family which also includes our kid is surviving. Also all this happened prior to our marriage. I am a physically handicap person now with more than 80% disability Since some weeks a recovery agency girl is calling with mostly abusive words, ,which are very harsh and unbearable, even to the extent of insulting my family members. Even after myself asking for two months time she acts adamant and insists for quick payment, and this is now happening on daily basis on almost anytime of the day, due to which i am not able to concentrate on my minimum work, due to this mental harassment. She is even calling some people in my circle from whom i used to get some work, which is again quite disturbing and embarrassing, which further leads to chances of even getting no work in future. I am a responsible citizen, and aware of the fact that i used this credit card at some time in my life, i could not pay the amount back due to strong reasons, and i must also say that i am a person who is willing to pay but only when i my carrier recovers to that extant. I am not a shallow coward like many who succumb to these politically backed goons. But literally feeling helpless. Please advice me what shall i do to stop all this as this situation aggravating day by day.