Account Praparer

Dear Sir, I am Mradul Srivastava from Pune. In our society Builder has Abandoned the society and was not doing Maintenence. So all residents use to collect the money to maintain the Premises. we use to collect the money in cash with one of very senior resident of the Premises, and he use to maintain the premises in living condition, and was paying all bills in Cash and keeping the bills.. To help him, I use to make the account statement in excel, and all bills were with him only. During this we have approached to DDR for register the Society, under chief promoter. After fighting for approx 1,5 Years Society go register, and Office bearer were appointed. For Final account statement was made and since I was preparing the Excel sheet, I signed as Prepared by & Signed by Chief Promoter. And Chief promoter has handed over the paper to New Chairman for which he asked for Audited report. Now Chief Promoter has gone for Office wok to Australia. The new office bearer has served a Notice to me for giving Audited reports and Orignal bills. My Question is 1) For this voluntarily contribution, is audit report is mandatory. 2) Am I as account sheet preparer, is responsible for accounts in Legal term and answerable to new office bearers. Regards Mradul