Legal Advice on section 9 vs section 13 A

My son got married in May 2016. The two lived together for seven months. There were some happy moments and some when they complained about each other. We as parents always tried to patch up. Our daughter-in- law left her husband's home over a small fight about three and half months ago. After that neither she nor her parents called us even once. We tried and called her for a family wedding.But they did not come. After a month of her leaving home, we got a call from mahila police thana that she filed a false complaint against our family putting allegations that a dowry demand was made.We attended the counselling session and desired to take her back. But she refused.We also put an appeal that there should be police investigation about false complaints made by her. The case is under investigation.We have given all evidences as well as our statements. Through some common friends we tried to initiate a dialogue for mutual settlement but they are asking for a very big money. Under these circumstances should we go for filing section 9 or section 13 A ( Divorce) ? After all this , our soft corner for the girl is lost and it is difficult to accept her in the family. There is complete breach of trust. Please advice.