Apartment name corrected in sale deed during registration

Hi Experts, I need your suggestions. Recently I got new flat registered on my name in Bangalore. Correct apartment name "Spoorthi Enclave" exists in number of pages in sale deed document, but in 1 paragraph where the flat number was specified is having spelling mistake in apartment name "Spoorthi Encalave". (extra alphabet "a" after "Enc") I found this spelling mistake during registration that is before scanning the sale deed in sub-registration office and informed the same to Builder. Builder scratched the extra alphabet "a" after "Enc" and asked me to sign alone in front of correction and Builder did not sign telling its not mandatory. Now I am in tension thinking whether is it OK with my sign alone and that too this correction was done before sale deed document scanned in sub-registration office or will there be any problem as Builder sign not exists in from of the correction. Other pages in sale deed having general terms and conditions have correct apartment name "Spoorthi Enclave". Is this OK or do I need to take any further corrective action like correction/confirmation or rectification deed. Thank you in advance regards, Manoj