Daily harassment from Mother-In-Law

I'm a foreign national married to an Indian. I've been staying in India for the past 8 years. Initially we were living separately in another city, but 2.5 years back we had to move in with my Mother-In-Law as her mom died and she was left alone in a house that is located in a remote area and is not safe for her to live on her own. But she's turned my life in hell ever since I moved in. She started by not allowing me to use a kitchen stove and locking her food supplies, but later on moved on to verbal harassment and threats. She filled a complaint with local police station that we are a threat to her life and tried to make me leave the house, then she filled an alimony case on me and my husband (we are already paying her Rs 5000 in cash per month + paying all community fees and maintenance, electricity bills, medical bills, buying provision etc.). Right now she filled another alimony case. Additional to that she is threatening to file another domestic violence with police to throw me out of the house. But it's vice versa here, it's me who is having to go through harassment on a daily basis. Each time I step out of the room, she follows and starts cursing, calling me names, insulting my parents, etc. I just want to stop this harassment once and for all. I want to stop this chain of legal cases that she is showering upon my head. And I don't know how to proceed with this. Kindly advice me what options I have.