Harassed by recovery agent of ICICI Bank

I am a victim of a recovery agency named Tyagi Associates hired by ICICI Bank. They tried all their worst efforts to collect anything from me. I complained to Bank and their reply is self explanatory of inconvenience of the bank’s officials or bank itself. The contents of email is as follows; I am constantly getting calls from mobile no. [deleted] stating himself as an employee of ICICI Bank and threaten me to pay the dues of outstanding loan. The person has called numerous calls to my family members as well as to my known peoples, perhaps getting nos. from my call data record obtained illegally from the service provider. He used abusive and harsh language and defaming me in the society. I think this the clearly violation of RBI Guidelines. I can provide the numbers on which this person has called in the past days. So take appropriate action against the guy or else I will report the matter to RBI, Human Rights Commission and also lodge a complaint with Delhi Police for Life threat, harassment and mental torture. One of my family member has already filed a police complaint. Please guide your employees or recovery agencies to follow the RBI Guidelines. Reply given by the Bank; On Sat, Mar 19, 2016 at 5:20 PM, <[deleted]> wrote: Dear Sir, We understand your concern. We inform you that the calls received by you are the reminder calls placed by our collections team. These calls are placed when any dues are pending / EMI returns unpaid towards the loan account. We regret for the inconvenience caused to you. You are requested to contact our Collection Manager at any of the nearest ICICI Bank Collection branch regarding payment of dues towards your loan account . We thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you. Sincerely, Syed Customer Service Officer ICICI Bank Limited NEVER SHARE your Card number, CVV, PIN, OTP, Internet Banking User ID, Password or URN with anyone, even if the caller claims to be a bank employee. Sharing these details can lead to unauthorised access to your account. But calls were coming as earlier without break and they did not bother to stop the agency for this non sense. I again sent an email to bank. Content of 2nd email; On 3/25/2016 5:24 PM, Null Null wrote: I have few questions to be clarified by the bank 1. Are collection agencies authorized to violate RBI guidelines. 2. Are they permitted to use abusive language. 3. Are they allowed to make calls to the relatives and others to defame the borrower and also use filthy language. 4. Are they well educated to deal with the borrower as per RBI guidelines. All the above things were done by your agent as if they are verbally permitted by the bank. Please clarify and what action you take against such type of agencies Thanks I got the reply from the bank and shocked to note that this time also they didn’t try to clear my queries and the calls remained coming constantly. The reply of the mail is given below; Bank’s Reply We regret for the inconvenience caused to you. We tried to reach you on your mobile number XXXXXX0096 dated March 26, 2016 at 2:28 pm, however you are not reachable. With reference to your mail, we will make it sure that the team will be given proper feedback regarding the communication being done from there end. And we further request you to visit the nearest collection braches of ICICI and speak with our bank manager for further clarification. We thank you for giving us an opportunity to be of service to you. Sincerely, Sridevi Customer Service Officer ICICI Bank Limited But nothing was done by the bank and I constantly received threatening calls from the agency. The Bank asked me to contact the nearest collection branch. I again complained to the bank but in vain. Please see my complaint. On [deleted]:11, Null Null wrote: Dear Ms. Sridevi Thanks for the reply but I did not get the answers of my quarries. As on date I am constantly getting calls from Tyagi Agencies and they are using filthy language and also threatened me to face dire consequences if I don’t pay the money. Earlier one Mr. Tyagi was dealing in the same manner then Mr. Vakil Yadav and now Mr. Ajay Chaudhary and their attitude is all the same like gundas. I met with Mr. Ravi Sharma in the bank and explained all the things to him but in-vain. Tyagi rang up to my Boss’ residence and talked to his wife in a bad manner and then also called my boss and revealed all the details of the account to him. In reaction I got fired from the job and now I am jobless. The fallow also rang up to many of my known peoples and revealed the account details to them to pressurize me. I can provide all those numbers on which this gang rang up. This is just blackmailing nothing else. They have obtained my Call Data Record illegally from the service provider and doing the mischief. The bank is equally responsible for the act of its agents. If still they don’t stop this illegal practice I have no other option left but to serve a legal notice and contact the Human Rights Commission. I will definitely pursue the matter with Banking Ombudsman also. I request you to clear my quarries and ask your agent to stop this non sense practice. Thanks