Company not answering the resignation call

Dear Experts, I would like to summarize the relevant details in chronicle order in the following steps for easy understanding of my case: Joined a PSU in Aug’1996 under ST category as an officer and served at various places in India during my complete service period i.e. till Jan’2016. In Jun’ 2008, I was transferred to Dehradun were I worked till Jun’2014. During that time someone complaint to Vigilance unit in the year 2009 that I am not a genuine ST candidate. On this basis my case was opened up for inquiry without my knowledge. I was transferred to Noida on routine transfer in jun’ 2014. Until 2015 the inquiry was being held in background without my knowledge and the Vigilance unit of the company first communicated to me vide a speed post letter in Feb’2015. Subsequently there were 5 more letters from them asking for the caste certificate of my father, which I could not provide to them as I was not possessing the same and also my father is very old. Worked at Noida till 05th Jan’2016 before submitting resignation on 09th Nov'2016 with the resignation notice period valid till 05th Jan’2016. There was no communication from vigilance 3-4 months prior to my submission of the resignation letter. Thereafter as per the company policy I was relieved from all the charges which I was holding at that time as per the company policy. An exit interview was also conducted and I also cleared all the outstanding loans against me, which I could calculate myself. I am never issued any charge sheet till date for any issue nor vigilance unit communicated to me regarding anything during my notice period. I stopped coming to office w.e.f. 06.01.2016 as there was no communications from the company. No communication from the company till date regarding the acceptance or non acceptance of the resignation but I am being paid the salary every month even though I am not attending the office. Communicated several times to Director (HR) through speed post, requesting him to accept my resignation and settle my due resignation benefits, but I never received any answer from him till this day. i have proofs of all the communications with the company Unofficially I came to know that the official enquiry is still on against me, even though I don’t consider myself as the part of the company. I am still waiting for Full and final settlement along with Relieving letter and Service Certificate & any other item / document which I am eligible for on resignation. I request you to please suggest me the best course of action which I need to take at this point of time. Your help will be highly appreciated. If in case I need to file case against the company, please suggest some good lawyers, relevant to the case in Delhi. Thanks Harish Joshi Email :