In dual state : Divorce or reunite with my wife? please advice..

Myself working as govt employee. I love my wife. she is innocent, genuine, good girl (but not having her own decision capacity depending on her family decision, nature of solid egoistic & attitude). Problems starts with my gift. I gifted her new android smart phone on her bday and downloaded many applications randomly but fortunately/ unfortunately call recorder was in it (unknowingly). After few days I found call recordings of her call in that my mother in law and her sister teaching her how to behave (don’t do house work) , bad words like they all dance on your words, keep calm one day will come he will follow u. where is he..Monkey…bullshit..? If ur purchasing new flat then take it away from your residence.. Some bad words about my mother and father and many more ( I have all call recordings with me). Then I personally went to her father place and tell him listen all call recordings and give her good suggestion. He said nothing wrong in it so in my anger I keep her there only. But that time she was pregnant of 4 months and after couple of months my mother and father suggested me to go and take her tour home because in this stage she need ur love. So I went to her place so take her that time my father in law blamed me for recording and said me say sorry to my girl (my wife) otherwise im ready to keep my girl with me. I did adjustment, said sorry to my wife and bring her back to my home. After 4 months I blessed with baby girl, we all are happy for her visited several times to see my baby girl and wife. But after that they are playing with my emotions not sending her back to me. Saying that its look like that ur not interested in your family, not able to handle your family and many more. They keep my baby name without inviting me and my relatives so this was main cause between our families now. I tried several times to contact her through whtsapp, fb, letters, greeting and many more but not single reply. After one year our middleman went to her place to solve our problem but her father said that within one week we will seat and sort out it but 4 months passed no reply from them. So I went to advocate and gave her 2 notices saying that come back to our place with said child. Looks like not ready to seat and solve. My advocate called my wife and asked whether you want to come back again to your home, she said im not in mental condition, stressed and all my decision will take by my father. Now they gave us answer to our notice saying that give us 10000/ rs par month and otherwise give us in written that she will be safe to your home. my advocate reply with we are ready to give you in written but you also give us some points in written and I am ready to keep my wife and child with me so no maintenance. Hon court will decide what to give you please come back otherwise we will go to court. I have my own flat. (loan) should I sell it.? Please suggest your valuable suggestions.. Do the the needful.