All type harrashment by wife

I marred in the year 2011...its arranged by marrege i feel thats great mistake coz my wife have uncontrolled anger....when she angry she behave like mental..dont hesitated to tell any type of slang word...she limitless sentimental...and angry in any coz ..which every mint per day...she also uncontrolled by her father, mother and brother...i know that...they also said me..but it some times when they (my in-laws) need controlled situation ..after that they denied all and said its my duty to controlled her..adjust with her..coz i marred her..they never came here to talk with me or with my family..always they wants talk over phone when my wife anger overflow...or they said come with her in there house they try to talk with there doughtier that controlled with her anger...they always said she never do that before marriage!!! she marriage in 30 years old...she know all slang word in my house! when she anger she told me momfucker type slang! she bitten me..splitting in my mouth and body...threaten me 498...we have 3 years old doughier...she and her family black mail me..they never want her daughter in there 2015 she hit me by rod and her father call police! then she went her father house...5 month stay that time i arrange some ligal paper for my police record..commissionerate paper..when she came she give me written paper that she stay with us normaly...we r all well...i have 80years old mom and elder sis who is a professor in college..after few moth she started every behavior in laws opinion was same as ago...i m helpless...we all 3 member of my family lived life like hell or wife also threatened me she went to trying suicidal attempt. acctually all the time I feel very afraid. she allways told me if I suicide then u all went to jail for whole life.every thing I informed to my in-laws but they denied and dont take any kind of responsibility. Please tell me what I will do?