Confirmation is prohibited

I am a newly appointed teaching faculty in the rank of assistant professor in a govt. aided college in Purulia, West Bengal. I have been selected through proper channel after qualifying SET (eqivalent to NET) and recommendation made by College Service Commission, Govt. Of West Bengal. I am a female teacher and found myself uncomfortable in that college soon after I started taking my classes and other academic work because of the ego and jelousy of the male parttime faculties of that department. The deliberstely misbehaved with me because the have a political nexus with the ruling party and wanted to create a situation so that I compelled to resign from the post. The college Principal is also suporting the male colleagues because of her interest to smooth running of the college. She is regulated by the governing body members of which the president of the governing body happens to be a minister of the state govt. I am compelled to write here to get a priliminary idea before going to prosecution on the fact that my confirmation of service has been blocked by the college governing body with a revengeful attitude to teach me a lession. I desperately need some suggestion.