Liability of director in case of dishonour of cheque

A private limited company acknowledged its liability and in lieu of that issued cheques which were later dishonoured. Complaint u/s 138 filed but its service could not be made since they closed their factory. However the same person, his son and father are co-directors in other private limited companies status of which is shown as active on the net. These people have cheated many persons/firms from other states/cities. They have a nexus with local police or court process server and are able to easily avoid the service of summons on the reason: either left the address and could not be served or not available since they know it is very difficult for a person from far of place to go to their town and hen search them. It is their practice to form a company, cheat people then show it as closed and open another company at the same address or other place. The father, son and grandson are (either father son or grandfather grandson) co-directors in those companies. Can we also move MCA against these persons and if so, whether MCA will be taken against them. What other steps, if any, can be taken against them?