Do granddaughters have say on ancestral property?

My paternal grandmother sold the property (a house) belonging to her late father in-law (who is my late paternal grandfather's father) in 2013/2014 without the consent of my mother or myself. I am her first son's only daughter, and was a major at the time of selling. My paternal grandfather has six other siblings, but according to the will written by my great grand father(which is apparent, as they haven't disclosed the will), the house should be equally distributed equally to my grandfather and his one other sibling only. My grandfather died in 2010 in an accident. As my father is mentally ill, my grandfather had probably written a will favoring my father, but none of the will/property documents were shared with my mother and myself. All the will and its evidence is probably destroyed by now. The sibling who is still alive and my grandmother sold this particular house in 2013/2014. Assuming that the half portion belongs to my grandfather's family, which includes my grandmother, two sons (my father and my uncle), myself, and my uncle's two children (both are minor); my consent at least was necessary at the time of selling. Since that has not happened, how is it that I can seek justice? Is there a way to legally ask my share of the property, IFF I am eligible for a share (because I am seeking to do higher studies, it would be helpful if I got some money from the sold property)?