Not giving salary forcing to server notice period

Is there a law to help me ? I use to work for a small IT company. Being dissatisfied with salary I decided to quit. While joining the business head committed a lot which as usual the companies never fulfilled. Apart from this he used very wrong language while talking. So I gave resign letter and said that somewhere around 7 months i've worked in the company i'll give a notice period of 15 days which he initially agreed verbally. Now after completing 15 days he is not giving my one month salary(from june 1 to 15th 2016 and notice period from 16th to 30 th of June 2016) and forcing me to server remaining 1.5 months. Since i don't have proof what he verbally committed and I need money. I don't what to do. Problem is in the appointment its return i've to server notice of 2 month or pay 2 month salary to the company. I think our country is hopeless, rules are made favoring these companies and laws are there to help them, where a employeer can use abusive language, can delay salary, 9 Am is the timing of office if your are 1 minute late 1/4 salary will be detected. and still no relief from labour court. People sign contract out of compulsion and later on these company stops salary because there are laws and lawyer to help them.