Hi sir, my friend has joined an it company and he couldnot continue due to the work pressure and health issues and informed that he would like to resign from the company.and company said it would try to adjust some facilities and later said it couldnot do so.and my friend on advice of some other colleagues had absconded from that company .later he was asked to pay the bond amount.he had paid that amount and he got marked as absconding in experience certificate which is of no use to him. he is totally depressed now... he paid the money in order not to have any problem in future but marked as absconding would ruin his future? what he can do in order not to be marked as absconding in his experience certificate? and he was not given relieving letter also.they said that as it was termination he would not be given relieving letter.will it create a problem in his career? will he be able to get any govt job if marked as absconding in the experience letter? can he get a job in us if he completes M.S. there being marked as absconding in experience certificate and no relieving letter?