I want divorce from my wife but there is only six month of marriage at present my wife lives their parents house and files case against me and my parents in women cell and made false allegations against us and case was 4 months old and on 7th June 2016 sho women cell made family settlement between us and in this agreement I give 5000 rs to my wife as monthly expenses in addition to kitchen and utensils expenses and also give permission to her to go to their parents house and also their parents freely to come and meet his daughter and no family member of my interfere in our privacy and failing in above we going to rented accomodation .infact all these demands are fullfilled even I give my salary account atm and my iPhone 6 and separated kitchen and entry and exit doors keys and also give my i20 car for going to competitive exam coaching and also give one instalment of coaching fees.but on 2 July my wife left my house along with her father and sister with reason that why I sit along with my colleague in my parents room and when ever I take my parents to market she started fighting and asked me to take petrol expenses from them . I am the only son of my parents my father was bed ridden and my mother is asthma patient .I am a govt employee she give a letter to deputy commissioner against me and also in inspector General of police and her father tells each and every one of physical relationship of there daughter and me even in letters and in police stations konsa father apni beti ki bedroom ki baatein karta hai please do something