How to give agriculture land from parent to children at low cost?

Respected Advocates, This is Krishna from AP (Chittoor, Andhra). My father got agricultural land (which is combined from grand parents and owned) on his name (got passbook and linked to aadhaar as well). As he is close to 70 years now, he decided some of the land (all land under 1 gram panchayat to distribute to children and retain the land on his name from another gram panchayat) to equally distribute to children under Joint Family Property Partition/Distribution without going for a will. And all of us (we the 4 children) went for Joint Family Property Partition/Distribution agreement and have applied for ePassBook "New Pattadhar Passbook"(EPASSBOOK). But, the revenue department is asking for either bribe OR submit a sale dead. I understand from my father the VAO is demanding a bribe (I'm against to this practice) of Rs.5K for each passbook which is about 20K for 4 passbooks while my father has already paid some thousands without my knowledge. 1) First and foremost, whom to complain about revenue division bribe practice to minimize this unacceptable practice for a solid action? 2) When father is distributing agricultural land to own children there should not be any sales deal as the property not soled to outsiders ? So, please guide me on what's the right approach or legal procedure to get the land distribution from parent to children without much burden on registration fees? Thanks in advance for your valuable time and advising on the matter. Regards, Krishna