How to save my life

Sir my name is vivek gupta and i am in paramilatry force. i got married last year in feb. i m in trouble because my wife and her parents forced to me for giving money. they threatened to me that if you will not give money to my daughter than i will put dowry, domestic violence etc acts on me.her father put political pressure on me get thoroughly call by politicians for threat i m in defence i have to move here and there for serving nation but my wife and her father forced me that you have to take my daughter everywhere that is not possible to me. she has highly thoughtfull mind that i will join kitty party and enjoy with your money. sir, my family belongs to small town and cant afford that activities even she never listen of anyone i m getting mental tourture while these situtaion carry on me. as i working on border areas i m unable to concentrate on my duties. she said me that i will not give you divorce as well as enjoy at home do what i want to do. so, please help me that situation what can i do even these situtaion i cant live my whole life with her.