False dowry case

Dear sir, I got married a year and half back, soon as i got married in a month we got to know that my wife is in mental disorder which was hide by her parents, as my wife is a daughter of my uncle we taught to saught out the problem by taking care of het, but meanwhile my aunty refused to do so as she wanted her daughter treament to be done in her born and bought up house, which my mom refused as she a part of my family now, after many arguments we sent her back to her parents house for treatment later on my motherinlaw called us and said her daughter is pregnant and treatment cannot be done in pregnancy, so on the time flies now after giving birth to a baby boy my mother inlaw refused to sent her back to my home but my wife is ready to come back, heer mother threats her she will die our if she leave the house with me or make false dowry case on me, now i am afraid that my wife is in mental disorder she may accept her mother words even Please advice me wht should i do in this case as i am only son to my parents