Need your advise , if thinking divorce as an option as per Indian

Dear Sir/Madam, Good day! I am Ahmed (Muslim community) residing in Andhra Pradesh, working as an Engineer in MNC (Qatar). I need advice and help from you all experts, regarding my unhappy & ruined marriage life. I got married in the month of April 2016, with same community girl within 10-12 days all arrangements done, due as I am working in Gulf country and with one month of yearly leave. In that situation we had managed all things very hastily for marriage. We didn’t take anything from bride parents; even a single spoon (No dowry taken) and we never ever demanded any kind of things/dowry in any form, marriage done as per Sunnah (Islamic), straight away Nikah performed without any customs. She completes B.Ed. and now she is pursuing D.Ed. And bride parents/guardians’ told that in their custody she will stay in their home to continue her remaining studies after marriage, because my parents are residing in another city which is ~200 km far, only for some particular occasion they are coming to native place where the bride resides and studies. After 15 days of marriage, my leave finished so 2-days before to my flight schedule she went to their (paternal home) as mutually agreed before marriage. Cheated to us as below: 1.DOB they told lie as per education certificates year of birth is 1990, during alliance they told 1993 and finally in marriage certificate as 1992. 2.They lied by telling us that she continued her studies with any breaks/gaps in her education, but actually she is having 4-years of breaks/gaps in between studies 3.Lied as her height as 5.1 feet’s, actual height is lesser than 4.7 feet’s and she is too short to me. 4.She is not happy with me during these 15-days, all the time she is crying. 5.On the 3rd night of marriage she started crying extremely, as I saw her and asked for many times is there any health problem or any reason which leads you to cry she simply snubbed me and get down on floor from bed and again started crying. After seeing this I too get down to floor and asked & tried to console her, but she stridently shouted on me by heating with her leg she went again on to bed for no reason, actually she is not willing me to stay with her. And the same thing happened for next night as well. 6.After one week of marriage she resumed to go for college training classes, daily her brother will pick and drop her to training classes. As usual on 16th of April she went to training classes with her brother, after 2-hours unfortunately I went to market which is near to the school (training classes), so I went to see her, but I shocked to know that she was not there. So at the same time I went to her colleagues and the school headmaster for asking about her, then he shown me the attendance register as absent and he told that he don’t have any information of absence. We are very tense that class time is finished but still there is no information, after half an hour her friend informed about the scene going. By getting information with her friend my wife’s sister called us and informed she is with them, but we didn’t get any call from my wife. But till the night we are not assured whether she is really with her parents or not. At that time it self I had decided not to take her to my house as they are cheating and telling lie to me, and may be having something chances which she want to hide. We had many meetings with their family and relatives for all above situations and many of the meetings are been recorded in form of videos and audios as well. Please note their parents/guardians are blindly supporting her in all situations and defaming our image in locality, to get benefit. And also they are propagating about false dowry laundering. She also threatened to kill herself, and to file false 498a, 125cr and many more cases on me & my family. My parents are in shudder and with all the time thinking with tension, how to resolve & to come out from this horrible situation, by keeping in mind while my father was crossing the road on 27th June 2016 he met a major accident, hit by bus. And he got seriously injured his two ribs (chest bones) are broken & one is fractured, still he is getting to recover with other major injuries as well. upon seen all above things, In short I don’t want to stay with her any more….. Please help me to get it out of these. If filed divorce what impact shall I can get from opposite side. Before proceeding to further step I need to safe guard my parents & property. All most all of laws blindly favors & supports to the brides whether it is false or true. Kindly if possible can you please advise me what I shall need to do? I have a concern about, upto what extend they can claim: (as per Indian Muslim law) i)How much compensation/maintenance amount they can claim? ii)If they file false 498a, 125cr or any other case on me & my parents can be arrested without any interrogation/cross checking? And what will be the precaution or first step to be taken(like any anticipatory bail… etc.,) iii)Own house is purchased on my mother’s name, 6-months before marriage, my wife can claim any share from it? And also she can claim from anything from my bank account or not. Thanks in advance for your usual support. Thanking you and looking forward to hear from you soon. Honestly, Ahmed