Mental Harassment Case

I got married last year in March 2015. We got engaged in January. In the month of February, she used very insulting language for me and my parents. But my family supported both of us and tried to resolve our fights. Just after our marriage, she started using abusive language for my sister and started comparing everything with her. Within 2 months, she accused my parents for breaking our relationship. I called my mother in law and she told me not to worry. After all this also nothing changed. Once we were back from her home, she turned furious. 1) Many times she left our home in night and threatened me to commit suicide. 2) She gets physically abusive and start beating me. Sometimes she bangs her head against walls and doors. I have told this to her parents. 3) She locks herself in room and threaten to kill herself by drinking phenyl and other thing. 4) She is a negative person and tortures me mentally by insulting my parents and me. 5) She even refuses to get intimate and we don't share any such feeling. After multiple such incidents, I got a lot of stress due to which my professional life is also affected. I lost my job twice within 1 year of our marriage. She always complains about me not giving her time and not spending money on her but I have taken her on trips. I am in deep mental stress and have tried to talk to her and her parents a lot of times. All they say is wait for some more time. I don't want to stay with her and want to get divorce. I am also afraid that if I file a divorce case they might tell for dowry or domestic violence. Also I am afraid that she might harm me or my family if I try to stay with her in future. We also own a flat which is registered on names of both of us. Kindly guide me on how to proceed toward divorce now.