Can I as a Son not be forced to marry by Indian law.

Sir, This is a question that mostly daughters will ask. I have two aspects of this question.First: I am a bachelor, currently working in a software firm, but I want to continue my studies. I got my job one year earlier. As such I don't want to marry right now, I want to complete my postgraduate studies and then settle as a professor. The problem is, since my Grandparents are too old, and my Father is also about to retire, so they are forcing (mentally and psychologically) to get married and settle. I have managed to disagree so far, but my father says that he will drag me to court, with false allegations of beating and asking property and etc. If I don't agree to his wishes. he has quite a number of lawyers to support him. My question is, can I voluntarily get myself to be rejected from the property or anything of that sort (we don't have anything tangible to fight for), or can i voluntarily reject my father (or his responsibility). I have no inclination to my parents property, I believe in earning myself (even if I get to slums in future). Neither my father needs my care (He has two other sons to take care, plus he has pension at hand and support from government, and nice planning too). The second aspect: Nowadays (due to feminist movement in so much rise) it is not uncommon that females after marriage, put a fake 498A case and literally destroy the person. And according to Indian provisions, there is nothing much a man can do (either pay money, or commit suicide). For that reason, I want to remain unmarried whole life. I (this may be offensive for women) can't really trust women. So, does indian law provide me any provision to remain bachelor for life, and never at any stage compelled by any one (parents or relatives or prospective wife) to marry. I will be very thankful to you if you can help me. I have a really short time to act.