Divorce under hindu marriage act

Sir, I am 28 years old women in Kerala, I got married 3 yrs ago a man who lived in Tamil Nadu, he has a daughter child of 7 yrs old at that time. His first wife passed away by committed suicide. She has some mental problems like depression. My husband has been working as technicians in UK last 10 yrs. After the marriage we had problems about her first wife. He is not adjusting me well. Anyway later me and daughter got visa and went to UK. But in UK ,my family life was not good at all. I struggled a lot to manage his daughter and him. After 1.5 yrs we came back to India, when we came to his home , their family members scolded me and my family and he he cheated me at all means. By the provocation, I tried for suicide, but I escaped Then within few days, when I was I hospital, he demanded divorce and soon he filled case in Tamil Nadu, the case is still going in Tamil Nadu and he complained that I am mentally torturing him and his child. And I never give any food her, and so on. But actually I faced problems to manage them, he was not able to handle a family and his daughter. He point out that I have mental problems too. Yes I consulted a psychologist to solve my problems but he did not cooperate with me. Now, after 1 yr , I strongly decided to live with him. How can I solve this big issue that happened in my life, I am seeking your help, could you help me soon