I am a Hindu guy and I am in love with a girl of Buddhist religion. She was married to a man almost 13 years older than her. The man cheated her family saying that he was a professor of a public university and soon going to permanently migrate to USA as a legal citizen. In reality he was jobless. The girl was only 16 years old by then. But seeing a bright future ahead her parents agreed to the marriage. For seven years from then that man in the name of going abroad took almost an amount of 35 lakhs from them. Her family tried a lot to settle the man, but that ungrateful prick cheated every single time. Failing to that her family brought her back to them and she has been living separated since 2012. Her family being afraid of their local status, didn't yet arrange a divorce. She has a kid. That man forcibly keeps the boy with him. He neither has the money, nor the laws by his side. He cheated so many peoples that her father still has to pay the money his son-in-law once stolen from people. So far I know she is free to have a divorce. But how can she manage to have the son with her? This is because that man tortures the boy and forcibly keeps him apart from his mother. The boy is 10 by now and we are afraid that the torture and the absence of his mother might severely damage his mental growth and nourishment.