My files file domestic violence case in india

Hi sir , i got married in 2007 when i got australian visa ,my family paid for all expance for our marriage , and in 2012 my son born in australia , so i applied her parents visitor visa, after one or two month my wife nature get change , due to her pragnancy i was doing two jobs and i paid for her family visa. And tickets. Due to her parents my wife always try to argue and fighting with me , then i give her time but dosent work so i left home and i was living in my car for three monts in australiaand then i found accomodation. and we seperated in 2014 , i was waiting for her responce but no outcome than i decided to get divorce and she was agree but she told me that she wants child custody and i gave her concent , , we got property settelement appointment with australian mediation centre on 19 th july 2016 ,mutual concent and get court order for child , now she is not ready to give me divorce . Then she went india and when she came back i applied for divorce in australia so she responded that she filed domestic violence case in india against me and my family , . My parents are sick and they got major illness , my parents living in india and still they dont know my son face because my wife dont like that they come here. So i m really tired and i miss my parents a lot. So please give me some advise