Arrested without any complain - please help

I was going to my office on 7th July,16 (eid) on two wheeler. I entered an crossing while the signal was yellow, speed approx 45 km. suddenly one person entered into that crossing breaking the signal with his two wheeler from other side and we collided, I was severely injured but the other person did not get any injury and was ok. despite of my injury I asked if he is ok , and he said he is ok and nothing to worry. as he is from minority community police took him to his prayer place and took me and my bike to police station. @ 7:30 am. I did not receive any first aid for hours. they seize my cell phone (Unable to communicate to others) and all belongings and put me into lockup. when I protest they used too much abusive languages. they handcuffed me with other criminals and took me to a private nursing home for medical checkup. there they just ask my name a made a fit certificate. I spend 4 hours in lockup with so much pain and without any medication. Later they made an arrest paper and GD and release me on PIR bond and seize my bike and papers. NO one made any complain against me. I am physically/ mentally destroyed . can police arrest me while I am injured in accident and no one injured because of me. Now they said they only put section 184 charge against me. but did not gave me any GD copy or other papers. I still don't understand why this happened with me. Without any cognizable offense I got arrested. what should I do to next please advice. I got my bike and papers from police after submitting a letter that I am receiving this with my own responsibility and will produce it in court without any alteration. please suggest if this arrest going to affect my passport renewal or foreign travels or in JOB.