Non clearing of pending salaries from 1.5 years after resignation

Respected Sirs, I have worked for a partnership company situated at Bangalore, Its a private limited firm. My designation was Factory Manager-Operations and I was reporting to Advisory Group leaded by Two Chief General Managers who are reporting to Board Of Directors. Earlier this company was in to proprietorship and after my joining of 1.5years the management planned to change it as partnership firm and they were asked my personal property tax paid receipt for renewal and reregistering of VAT certificate. I refused to submit my property tax paid receipt for their VAT registration. Because company has to take a call to submit the documents related to owners or partners of the company not Factory Managers details. Because i was working there as employee.When I refused to submit the documents for unethical reason of employer they asked me to resign within one month. I resigned and relieved from company when as per my appointment it was 3 months notice period. After my resigning the management settled only half of my settlement amount. Now its already 1.5years and company management is not responding to my call nor mail. Kindly advice me to come out of this problem.