Ownership Title

My father bought a 100 sq. yards residential plot in a resale from an allottee in a Jalandhar Improvement Trust colony in the year 1994.The following documents were made at that time. 1) A full and final payment agreement signed by the seller(allottee) in my name which was not registered. 2) An affidavit on the basis of the above said agreement. 3) GPA in the name of my father which was registered. 4) A will signed by the seller in my father's name. My father firstly got the plot registered in allottee's name from improvement trust as a normal procedure and built a house on it. But due to some negligence,he delayed in getting it registered in my name.In the year 2003, my father expired. The allottee also died after some time. I don't know the whereabouts of his family members. Now , how can I claim the ownership title of the house?As I have been living in the house since 1994 ,paying electricity bills(meter is on my name),can I request the Court to give me ownership title through adverse possession?