Can Registration of flat can be transfer to another flat

I have purchase flat and make registration also. when i booked the flat the location wise its was almost 20-25 feet open distance distance in front my windows and boundry wall deployed. but after some time builder took that boundry wall on 2 feet and construct another building in front of my windows. after constructing new building the distance between 2 building would become bare minimum 8 feets. i oppose builder and ask to aloot me different flat. earlier my falt was 306 bldg 2. and after lot of effort builder aggreed to allot different flat which is 306 bldg No.1. in that case it is possible to transfer the registration process from 1st to 2nd flat...? other way is i can cancle 1st flat and make register 2nd but in this scenario i will loose big amout of money. cancellation + agent chares n all.. . i need help to get this done without spending big money. coz i am unable to make arrange ment for new registration. so pls guide me in this situation. My flat is in Grampanchayat land. and registration done in Ambernath Nagar parishad.