Who should be in position if the case is in the court ??

This is the issue of ancestral property.My GrandFather has 2 sons and 1 daughter. my GF expired on 2002.Later my father and my uncle has divided the property with consent of their sister on nov 2004. she at that time said that she don't need any property. And now she is asking for the property and filed a case and its still going on. moreover my uncle and his sister is in good relation as my uncle's spouse is his sister's daughter. The situation now is my father and uncle fought for some other reason. My uncle trespassed my fathers part of land and not allowing my father to enter into it. my father complained the police but , the police SI is supporting my uncle because of some political influence . The complaint given by use is to protect us from my uncles gundaism so that we can be in our land, but the police's response in sakala says the statement given by my my uncle is " the mater is in court and they are supposed to decide it in the court " ,and the police disposed the complaint .So, at present my uncle is taking favor of our land. My father has each and every papers to prove that part of land is us, inspite we are not able to be in our land. My question is 1. who has to be the position of the land has a case in court? 2. Do police doesn't have any power to check in whose name the land is present and allow them to take the position ??? 3.What can the legal methods to be followed to get our land back ??