Right of father on Son's property

Hi, I am living in house which is owned by me with my father. Upto few years ago, my father was living with my family on ground floor but then he started creating fights at home to gain access on our first floor, so that our rental income can be stopped. We agreed to his demands but now he again started fighting with us for moving back to ground floor stating his old age. We denied his demands this time stating that my family size now has increased and if you feel problem in using stairs you do not need to come down multiple times we will provide all facilities to you at first floor itself but he did not agreed. He took us to senior citizen tribunal where tribunal ordered us to provide him a room on ground floor. I was surprised to see the order since the home is owned by me and was never gifted by him to me. I earned it using my self earned income and told this fact to tribunal many times but it appeared to me that tribunal was biased towards senior citizen and was not ready to listen my pleas. To me it was violation of my right to enjoy my property which is earned by me as well as violation of my basic human rights. I would like to know, is the decision given by tribunal holds legal validity? Should I challenge it in high court and will I win it there?